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From: David Prieto <frandavid100>
Mac OS X has dock. Windows 7 has its own version of taskbar, which is
cascading, if I remember correctly.

All these have the same common trait as the taskbar; they are tiny
representations of open apps, placed NOT according to the real window's
location. Which was precisely my point.

Both of which are different from Gnome 2 taskbar. I am not advocating taskbar in particular (nor do I use it often). Anyway, see below.

 People remember things visually, by shape, size and position.

Therefore it must be easier for them to identify their windows looking at
relatively smaller representations of them, located in relatively similar
positions, rather than in tiny representations located according to launch order instead of position. Which is what a taskbar, a dock and even the Dash

Surely you will agree with this, won't you?

What I would agree with is that workplace management has to make windows bigger then current Gnome 2 switcher. I don't know - by something complicated like clicking on the workspace one would like to manage in the switcher maybe?

Changing size and position of windows for everyone is simply not helpful.

Gnome had workspaces precisely to avoid cluttering, which then requires expose or taskbar. Instead of extending this good concept, we got forced into expose no matter what.

And yes, workspaces should be static for that same reason (although I thought at one point dynamic ones would be a good idea too - I was wrong).

 Not semantics. If I look at my workspace switcher in Gnome 2 now, my
windows are where they are. They won't move or resize.

So, in Gnome 2. How do you reach a window that's hidden behind a bigger one?
Without resorting to the taskbar, of course, which, based on your own
arguments, we already established is worse for finding stuff.

If you have a lot of windows behind one another, this is where things like expose _are_ actually useful. Or are smarter taskbar.

Forcing expose on everyone all the time is the wrong thing to do.

PS. Sorry for mixing workplaces and worspaces. Never know which is it.


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