Re: Some small ideas for the Shell Panel and Overview

This will be my last posting on this topic.
Put your hand on the mouse, now move your hand to the right.
With me, and maybe I am the weird one here, the pointer will move in an arc to the lower left, move to the right and the arc is up to the right.

On 04/09/2011 02:01 PM, Vishnoo wrote:
On Sat, 2011-04-09 at 19:59 +0200, Florian Müllner wrote:

On Sat, 2011-04-09 at 10:44 -0500, Marshall Neill wrote:
Right-handed people would seem to look to the right and moving the mouse
to the right is easier.
This sounds rather surprising to me - are there any studies related to
this? With regards to movement: If I recall Fitts' law correctly, for
right-handed people the top-left corner makes a slightly easier target
than the top-right (though in practice each corner is just fine).
Yup, seems so:

"A right-handed user can access, in order of increasing difficulty, and
starting with the point already mentioned:

    a. The pixel immediately at the current cursor location: Click the
mouse and you're done.

    b. The bottom-right corner.
    c. The top-left corner.
    d. The top-right corner.
    e. The bottom-left corner. "


However, it also depends on the angle at which user's hand is actually
holding the mouse. Usually, people are at a desk and have the mouse
right next to the keyboard, and the above would be fine.
But if the user's hand is not at that angle, then angle of ease for
movement would vary.

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