Some small ideas for the Shell Panel and Overview

While using GNOME Shell I noticed that to reach "Applications" (or the current "Journal" I implemented with Federico) overview I have to go over the windows Overview first which is somehow irritating. I decided to let my roommates try GNOME Shell. And when I told them to open an application they intuitively went to "Activities" (which is a good start) but then stopped a moment then went to applications. Now I asked them to open another application and they did it again. However they both were bothered by having to go over the overview then click applications again (to much movement of windows). Also "Activities" seemed to be irritating to one of them (the other did not really care). I had a discussion with Ryan Lortie regarding the naming, where he suggested calling it "Overview".
I took the liberty to modify GNOME shell in a way I thought would be very intuitive to me. While it does introduce some clutter to the top panel it does allow quicker access to the applications and journal. Right now me and Federico are running this and are liking it in a way, since accessing a specific overview now is just one click away.
This is just brainstorming and I would like to know your opinion on it.

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