Re: [gpm] ACPI S1 - Standby

On 22 February 2011 13:08, kapetr <kapetr mizera cz> wrote:
> As I wrote - cold down, warm up and especially electric current
> peaks, capacitors  charge/discharge, ...  at On/Off.

I'm an electrical engineering graduate.

> Just let us the choice, please!

You are free to modify the code if you want to. I'm free to choose to
disagree and ship something else. If we added every option and profile
then we'd have a dialog looking like
which is quite simply insanity.

> I maybe  forgot to emphasize one important thing: the problem with
> [GPM] is, that it do not offer possibility of SWITCHING OFF
> monitors. Even it  prevents of do it manually with "xset dpms force
> off" :-(
> Screensaver in best case just blanks monitor - on older monitors not
> very useful.
> So - only power saving possibility [gmp] allows is straight Off and
> this is too strong coffee. Even if you don't thing so.

Do you mean GPM uses the "off" state for DPMS rather than other modes
like "suspend"? You can modify that in GConf if you so desire.

> Not all have such computer with so advanced HW power
> saving  features. For them would be S1 more useful.

Have a look at powertop on your processor. Unless its a decade or more
old, it should support runtime power management.


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