Re: Gnome Office updates

Jody Goldberg wrote:
>>>> Unless Gnome Office is going to be ruthless on a 'advocate one app
>>>> only  for each task', which is not something I would have thought we
>>>> would  want to be doing.
> It would be aq taad hypocritical of us to advocate along those lines
> given that we're complaining about our apps being removed in favour
> of OOo using the same logic.

My point was that Gnome Office should _not_ be like that*. Not that I know - I've only involved myself in the last day or so. I'd hope that Gnome Office would embrace of any good office applications for Gnome.

* Perhaps I was too subtle :P

> Thanks for getting involved and looking into updating the website.

Thank me when it's been updated... :P

- Charlie

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