Gnome Office updates


I've lately been bugging the Gnome Office list about "re-energising" the Gnome Office project.

To start with, I'll offer a patch to update the web page once we can establish exactly what stays and what goes.

Should we split them up into "Official Gnome Office apps" and "Other Office apps for Gnome (ie exits)?

Gnome Office:
AbiWord -
Conglomerate -
Dia -
Eye of Gnome -
Evolution -
Galeon -
GFax -
Gnome-DB -
GnuCash -
Gnumeric -
Planner (was MrProject) -
Sodipodi -

Agata -
Gimp -
Inkscape (fork of SodiPodi) -
gLabels -
gThumb - -
Sketch -
Toutdoux - (dead?)

Let me know so I can provide a patch to the front page.

I'd also like to start establishing what we could do to enhance the web page and make it a portal, and really get Gnome Office going as a unified set of collaborating projects as opposed to a loosely bound set of individual projects.

I think that at some point we should procure which is quite a nice url. :) (I'll pay for it if I _have_ to!)

We need to create a home for things like libgnomeoffice:

There's an undless number of things that the Gnome Office umbrella project could do to aid and assist it's member projects... we should identify and implement as many of those as possible.

- Charlie

PS. I'm cc'ing gnome-office-list

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