Re: Gnome Office updates

> tor 2003-11-20 klockan 12.55 skrev Charles Goodwin:
>> Mikael Hallendal wrote:
>>  >> Sodipodi -
>>  >> Inkscape (fork of SodiPodi) -
>>  >
>>  >
>>  > Should we really list both of them here? This is just going to lead
>> to confusion imho.
>> IMHO, yes, we should.
>> They are now two separate projects heading in two separate directions,
>>  although both handling a similar task; vector grahpics editing.
>> Unless Gnome Office is going to be ruthless on a 'advocate one app
>> only  for each task', which is not something I would have thought we
>> would  want to be doing.
>> Maybe Gnome Office should only contain a single application for any
>> single task, but we should still promote other viable Gnome
>> alternatives.
> I was mostly thinking that maybe we should wait a bit until they are
> actually more distinct? At least I would be very confused if I saw two
> projects looking and behaving the same, which one to use?
> Anyway, good to see someone finally digging into GNOME Office :)

I've been lurking of the inkscape mailing list. There is a *lot* of energy
, enthusiasm and new code there. We definitely need excellent vector
graphics within Gnome-Office and these guys could help us a lot. There
appears to be substantial interest in joining Gnome_office but we should
certainly ask them first.

At some point we hope to have full SVG support within AbiWord and Gnumeric.
Dom and Jody have some plans to use librsvg with some Gnumeric technology
to print SVG images. We also want to be able render AbiWord and Gnumeric
documents into SVG. In the past I thought this could be accomplished with
a SVG backend for Gnome-Print.

However I don't know who the current maintainer of Gnome-Print is and what
plans the person has for it.



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