mrproject can't open what it saves


I wrote a project with MrProject 0.10 ( or Planner ).
Today I wanted to open the file and I'm amazed it couldn't open it
It complained about parsing something in a DTD file. I found in
this list about this same issue but adding encoding won't work for

I tried to add encoding="UTF-8" , "ISO-8859-1" in the
.dtd files and the project file. I tried combinations of
it. the encoding only in the .mrproject, only in one DTD,
both DTDs. No luck. Now it doesn't complain, but the project
is empty.

My work disappeared, Is there something I can do ?

I know it's free and I know I can grab the sources and fix it,
but it look like a very severe bug for me, even for alpha software.
Maybe I should pick an older version somewhere ?

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