Re: [gnome-mud] G-M glade branch

Wow, big response :)

On Wed, 2005-02-16 at 12:26 +0100, Jordi Mallach wrote:
> > >Someone should go over the list archives for the last months and see if
> > >there's any patch that we should have in there. For example, we had this
> > >patch to make gnome-mud working in Chinese, but it was a bit scary, and
> > >looked like it would break other things.
> > Yeah, that Chinese patch look really scary, maybe the rpm spec-file though?
> I can handle the spec file for both branches, yeah.

I've been adding to the wiki a bit more, this being one of the those.  I
haven't gone too far back on the list though, there's probably a few
more.  Like I say on the wiki, feel free to add to it.

> > >Regarding 0.11: well, right now it's basically unusable. As far as I
> > >know you can't even connect reliably to muds, right? There have been a
> > >few libgnetwork releases. Dunno if they help at all with that.
> > I'm going to try to get a gnome-mud compiled on my server and see what's 
> > working these days :) Maybe we could release 0.11 from HEAD and release 
> > glade-branch as 0.20? Currently I'm unemployed so there might be time.
> Well, releasing HEAD as 0.11 doesn't make much sense to me, the changes
> in there are very minor to qualify for a new minor release I think.

I'm unsure of exactly how minor you mean, but couldn't we make a 0.10
release anyway, going with Robin's idea of 'patch-versions consist of
bugfixes only'?

> Too bad to hear about your unemployment :(
> Maybe you can contact the Swedish Conspiracy to see if Imendio is hiring
> or something?

There's a Swedish Consipiracy now? Woo!  Sorry to hear that too, Robin,
hope you can find something else soon. 

> > You mean there actually are people in IRC? Cool :)

Heh, yeah, I've been hanging around in there for a while, and jibrael
has been appearing fairly regularly of late.  Anyone else that has been
neglecting it, there's actually people on there now! :)

So, get on that wiki and get some ideas in! :)
Daniel Patton <seven-nation army com>

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