Re: [gnome-mud] G-M glade branch

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 11:21:49AM +0100, Robin Ericsson wrote:
> >Hi Robin, it's great to hear from you!
> You too, even thought I read your blog on planet gnome :)


I plan to do a call for help for GNOME-Mud and GTetrinet soon.
Currently, my site is down because my poor P150 is killed everytime blog
spammers visit it. Fucking assholes. I'm in the middle of moving to a
new box another Debian developer has given me temporarily, and I'll use
the opportunity to switch to a new domain, given doesn't make
much sense anymore. :)

More news soon.

> >Someone should go over the list archives for the last months and see if
> >there's any patch that we should have in there. For example, we had this
> >patch to make gnome-mud working in Chinese, but it was a bit scary, and
> >looked like it would break other things.
> Yeah, that Chinese patch look really scary, maybe the rpm spec-file though?

I can handle the spec file for both branches, yeah.

> >Regarding 0.11: well, right now it's basically unusable. As far as I
> >know you can't even connect reliably to muds, right? There have been a
> >few libgnetwork releases. Dunno if they help at all with that.
> I'm going to try to get a gnome-mud compiled on my server and see what's 
> working these days :) Maybe we could release 0.11 from HEAD and release 
> glade-branch as 0.20? Currently I'm unemployed so there might be time.

Well, releasing HEAD as 0.11 doesn't make much sense to me, the changes
in there are very minor to qualify for a new minor release I think.

Too bad to hear about your unemployment :(
Maybe you can contact the Swedish Conspiracy to see if Imendio is hiring
or something?

> You mean there actually are people in IRC? Cool :)

Sure, a bit messy though. jibrael and I are on the same timezone.
dnathief is in .au timezone so we say good bye to each other at some
point in the morning. :)

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