Re: [gnome-mud] G-M glade branch

Daniel Patton wrote:
Hi all,


        I've been poking about a bit at the glade branch recently,
finding what
needs to be done to get it into a releaseworthy state.  There's a couple
of issues I need confirmation on the resolution of, and one that needs
to be looked at by someone with more knowledge than me.  Robyn? :)

I'm still here :) Just not around any Linux boxes at the moment.

Anyway, assuming that the last patch that I submitted is approved,
here's what I think needs to be done; First off, the new windows in the
patch need to be connected to gconf.  Also, I think that passwords
should be stored in .gnome2_private rather than gconf, not a major issue
though.  The new connection wizard is going to need the code to connect,
obviously, but that may be a problem until the next issue is resolved;
I've been studying the gobject documentation recently, but I'm still not
confidant about using it.  Would it be necessary to make the conversion
before the release, or would we be able to make the conversion next
release?  As far as I can tell at the moment, it wouldn't be too much
trouble either way.

Well, this is a good stance in how the future should be, should we release 0.11 based on 0.10 (HEAD branch) which actually work, which the glade branch is far from doing. I haven't looked at either code for some time now, and maybe the best would be to sit down and have a look at current problems, get them on a list together with "wanna have" stuff and then we make a decision, either use glade branch, or we don't :)

Most issues in bugzilla, 3 bugs and 5 enhancements is a pretty good start I guess.

Lastly, The connection code seems to be b0rked, something which I have
no idea about how to trace/fix.  It segfaults as soon as I hit the
connect button, though I realize that's no good as a bugrep.

I noticed a few problems myself but I was convinced those problems where in the libgnetwork, not g-m itself, but I could be wrong :)


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