Re: Very disappointed in Gnome 3

I think if you used GNOME 3 for a while you'll get to see the way of
working it promotes. To me it is much nicer than working in GNOME 2

Would you please list some of the "ways of working" that you find nicer on Gnome 3 ?

On my system I've installed third-party extensions that restore some of the Gnome 2 functionality that vanilla Gnome 3.0 no longer provides. In particular, I've permanently set up a workspace switcher along the bottom of the screen.

I myself do not use alt-tab switching -- instead I populate seven permanently allocated workspaces with my customary apps -- my "way of working" is to switch (with a single click) to a different workspace whenever there is a change in the context (of what I am doing).

[By the way, I have at least five different Terminal windows active all the time - to access/modify various resources within my system. Also several Browsers and PDF Readers, to let me look up reference data.]


p.s. It's been written that with Gnome 3 it is the keyboard that offers efficient shortcuts. But I've gotten into the habit of using the cursor to control system facilities, and using the keyboard only for text entry. I do NOT consider it a good "way of working" if I have to resort to the keyboard because the GUI now resists customization.

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