Re: Very disappointed in Gnome 3

On Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 22:09, Craig Daymon <craigdaymon att net> wrote:
> What happened to my desktop icons?  Why can't I right click to get
> desktop options?  Or any options for that matter?  Why can't I move the
> application bar to the bottom of the screen WHERE I LIKE IT?  I thought
> Linux was about choice?  Why can't I set the bar to auto-hide?  Again,
> NO RIGHT CLICK!  Everything I had set up under the previous incarnation
> of Gnome is lost!  This was a horrible release!  It looks like it was
> made for a grade schooler's toy.  If someone wants to configure it that
> way for a specific use, great, but as the default configuration it is
> crap.  Have you people learned NOTHING from 30+ years of user interface
> design?

There's a fallback mode (I think that's what it's called) that makes
Gnome3 behave and look more like Gnome2. Have you already tried it?

On another note I don't think that emails like yours will be very well
received among the Gnome developers. I fully understand your
frustration and irritation after finding that Gnome3 is a disruptive
and fundamental change to Gnome. The Gnome community does however have
a vision for the desktop, and as with all things not everyone will be
happy with it. Linux still offers a lot of choice, but maybe not at
all levels; in other words, you can always choose not to run Gnome3 if
you aren't happy with it. Despite your first impression I hope you
take the time to REALLY try Gnome3. For me it took a good 2 months of
daily use to get used to it, and still I'm not quite sure whether I
like it or not. As has been pointed out before there is a very real
loss of configurability that is easy to access, but hopefully that'll
be addressed in the near future. My current feeling about Gnome3 is
that maybe we are moving in different directions; I'm becoming more
experienced and more sophisticated in my use of Linux, and Gnome is
becoming more beginner-friendly.


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