Re: Very disappointed in Gnome 3

On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 02:51,  <1920119 googlemail com> wrote:
> You say 'beginner friendly', but the reality is that the vast majority
> of new users will be migrating from Windows, be relatively confident
> with computers, and will probably just want to get on with doing
> things without having to adapt to a completely different and IMO less
> efficient environment. WIth Gnome Panel there were differences, but
> the underlying rational, minimistically simple ethos was the same.

You may be right, that "the vast majority" of new users come from
Windows, I simply don't know.  In any case I personally don't think
that the step from the limited Windows workspace to the limited Gnome3
workspace is a step backwards, even if requires a bit of re-learning.

> My main gripe with Gnome/Unity, however, is the attitude that things
> need to be made SO 'beginner friendly'. Actually it's disempowering to
> beginners because they will learn to rely on an interface that is
> geared towards a lack of understanding at the expense of logic, in an
> attempt to obscure fundamental and unavoidable complexities.

I simply don't know how the Gnome developers think regarding this.
I'm not a (proper) Gnome developer, or a UI expert so I don't think my
opinion here is worth that much.  What I have come to realise though,
is that with Gnome3 I'm probably not part of the target audience any
more. Still, I've decided to stick with it for a while longer, to see
what happens.


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