Re: Very disappointed in Gnome 3

On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 05:01:39PM +0100, 1920119 googlemail com wrote:
> "the step from the limited Windows workspace to the limited Gnome3
> workspace is[n't] a step backwards, even if requires a bit of
> re-learning."
> Except that in Windows, clicking something does ONE THING, with no
> side-effects, rather than changing the entire screen layout, and
> everything appears only once, always in the same place, and you can
> see where everything is. Much easier to learn and less intimidating.
> It is intended for beginners, isn't it? As you say,

I'm not sure whether you are referring to Windows or Gnome3 in that
paragraph, since all you say is about as true for both systems.

> "What I have come to realise though, is that with Gnome3 I'm probably
> not part of the target audience any more"
> And you seem to be misrepresenting my argument. My point was that it's
> not truly friendly to beginners either, because it makes it difficult
> to develop efficient habits and to understand what's actually going
> on. Even if it is argued that is that it will draw them in initially,
> it ultimately does them a disservice. Still, I suppose that is the
> kind of tactic that results from commercial influence.

I am not a UI expert so I can't say anything for certain about
Gnome3's friendliness to beginners.  So far your comments have given
me the impression that you aren't a UI expert either, I'm sorry if I'm
mistaken in that assumption.

What in Gnome3 inherently prevents development of efficient habits?
What in Gnome3 inherently makes it difficult to understand what is
actually going on?

I sure hasn't found anything that falls into any of those categories.

I've said I *suspect* Gnome3 is beginner friendly, but I *don't know*
if it is.  What I'm almost completely sure of is that it isn't expert
friendly!  This is what I've been trying to say, perhaps a bit
clumsily, but I don't agree that I'm misrepresenting your argument at


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