Re: Why are we not one people?

"Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero" wrote:

> So please, stay calm...

Did I sound uncalm? Sorry.

Let us wander back to the message that started this thread...

Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:

> > I ahve been playing with Nautilus from Eazel over the last few days and
> > am wonderig why:

> > a) Their tool bar icons don't look like GNOMe icons!  Serious, this is a
> > major part of the next GNOME release, it looks like some thing seperate.

> > b) Why does NAutilus have it's own mine types!  And why cant I browse to
> > other directries for my Nautilus icons!

I don't think he (or I) was complaining that the system is themable. But
rather we are concerned at the trend of various major and minor
components ignoring the global theme. Even the "classic gnome" (or
whatever it was called) theme in Nautilus didn't use the same icons
exactly as my installed system. Even worse, most of the gmc icons
changed to the 'blank paper' icon when I installed Nautilus, and didn't
even change back when I uninstalled Nautilus. As far as Nautilous having
it's own mime associations: I suppose the developers must have had a
really compelling reason to do that, but I certainly don't understand

<rant mode="ignore at will"> For a good example of what I consider a
user interface disaster, take a look at Mozilla. Sure, it uses GTK, but
only as a canvas to draw their own application specific widgets. The GTK
look alike theme (a Gecko theme, not a GTK theme) does indeed look
(somewhat) like the default GTK theme, but it doesn't behave like it.
And it doesn't obey my global preferences with regard to icons,
toolbars, colors, fonts, etc. </rant>

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