Re: Why are we not one people?

Matthias Warkus wrote:

> > This, in my opinion, is a really bad trend. I now imagine a future in
> > which so little of my system uses the core widget library that I could
> > actually uninstall GTK and not affect my system.
> I don't understand your last phrase. If you think that using custom
> icons in a GTK+ application means circumventing GTK+ in a way that
> removes the dependence on it, you're seriously misinformed on what
> GTK+ does.

I now formally retract that statement, since nobody seems to understand
that it was made half in jest. (The point I was trying to make, of
course, is that with so many applications using their own individual
themes, it is not unforseeable that someday developers will ask, "Why
are we using GTK at all?")

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