Re: Why are we not one people?

quizmaster quizonline com (2001-02-16 at 1004.39 -0800):

> > So please, stay calm...
> Did I sound uncalm? Sorry.

Sorry if I thought so. ;]

> I don't think he (or I) was complaining that the system is themable. But
> rather we are concerned at the trend of various major and minor
> components ignoring the global theme. Even the "classic gnome" (or
> whatever it was called) theme in Nautilus didn't use the same icons
> exactly as my installed system. Even worse, most of the gmc icons

Well, as it has been discussed many times, this is a place where
distributors can demostrate what they do: join items and make a nice
solution. Notice how each distro has different wm, or wm theme, or bg,
or whatever. If you ask me about this one, yep, Classical should look
classic, and if not, wrong name or wrong icons.

> changed to the 'blank paper' icon when I installed Nautilus, and didn't
> even change back when I uninstalled Nautilus. As far as Nautilous having
> it's own mime associations: I suppose the developers must have had a
> really compelling reason to do that, but I certainly don't understand
> it.

Lack of communication. Dunno if on purpose ("users do not need tech
info cos that scares them", which is wrong cos it end with people
angry cos you do not give them info or scared cos things fails and
they do not know why) or by error (somebody forgot it). Both are
fixable: say what is happening, even in non tech docs. I hope
Changelog gives the info, but basic announces should too, users do not
read Changelog normally.

> <rant mode="ignore at will"> For a good example of what I consider a
> user interface disaster, take a look at Mozilla. Sure, it uses GTK, but
> only as a canvas to draw their own application specific widgets. The GTK
> look alike theme (a Gecko theme, not a GTK theme) does indeed look
> (somewhat) like the default GTK theme, but it doesn't behave like it.
> And it doesn't obey my global preferences with regard to icons,
> toolbars, colors, fonts, etc. </rant>

I also think that is wrong, really wrong... it is like the madness of
widgets in X, now that people started to think about integration and
uniformity (use different libs, but make the look similar, import /
adapt themes), Mozilla comes and goes backwards. Now everyone want to
be like Winamp (the first I saw) or similar themable apps (Winamp was
the first? no idea, and do not care much... except for the problems
the trend is causing).


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