Re: Why are we not one people?

Rob Brown-Bayliss <rob ZOOstation cc> writes: 
> a) Their tool bar icons don't look like GNOMe icons!  Serious, this is a
> major part of the next GNOME release, it looks like some thing
> seperate.

They are themeable, go into the themes dialog and there's a "classic
gnome" look. Should probably end up being the default.

> b) Why does NAutilus have it's own mine types!  And why cant I browse to
> other directries for my Nautilus icons!

They are using a new MIME system that will replace the current one.

> Yeah I am bitching, but if Eazel and Ximain insist in beibng different
> how can we expext SUN abd IBM to work with us?  

Ximian isn't really involved here. ;-)

> People talk about the fear of Linux fracturing into many differnt forms
> a la UNIX, well it looks like GNOME is going to get thir first!!!

I think you're mistaking new features that are different from old
features for failure to integrate with old features. ;-) This stuff is
all going into the GNOME core.

BTW, if you want response from the Eazel guys nautilus-list eazel com
is probably a good idea.


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