Re: Why are we not one people?

quizmaster quizonline com (2001-02-15 at 1634.54 -0800):
> This, in my opinion, is a really bad trend. I now imagine a future in
> which so little of my system uses the core widget library that I could
> actually uninstall GTK and not affect my system.

Wrong, it uses GTK, it just loads different icons. And from talk I
have heard, one idea is to make icons, and images in general, temable.
So you choose your wm and it theme, your GTK theme, your bg, and your
icons (and if I think right, not only the desktop ones, but all in
general). That way everyone can have the look it wants, and i18n and
l10n is easier ("this icons looks bad with our culture, change it").

> (I, for one, don't want application specific themes for every program on
> my system, and cast my vote thus.)

The idea is use themes that apps share, so they look the same. Like
GTK, you load a theme, and all apps can use it (and if you want to do
weird things, use different themes).

Note: I am not coding all this, but it seems logical, and I have heard
comments in that line. And if you add other details, like the i18n or
user accesability (color blindness, bigger sizes), I think it would be
stupid to do not do that.

So please, stay calm... and the resposable, please clarify it (each
project should have at least one person in main lists to track and
resolve this kind of mails, IMO). Sometimes it is just lack of


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