Re: Why are we not one people?

On Fri, Feb 16, 2001 at 10:04:39AM -0800, Alan M. Evans wrote:
> <rant mode="ignore at will"> For a good example of what I consider a
> user interface disaster, take a look at Mozilla. Sure, it uses GTK, but
> only as a canvas to draw their own application specific widgets. The GTK
> look alike theme (a Gecko theme, not a GTK theme) does indeed look
> (somewhat) like the default GTK theme, but it doesn't behave like it.
> And it doesn't obey my global preferences with regard to icons,
> toolbars, colors, fonts, etc. </rant>

This is why Galeon is your new best friend.

Bret Mogilefsky * Mgr. SCEA Developer Support * mogul-gnome gelatinous com

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