Re: Is enlightenment dead?

> You mention "installed fisher and transferring you home directory".
> How did you transfer the directory? I know it sounds silly, but did
> you use a command which would notice all the dot files (.enlightenment,
> .gnome/, etc) and include those? If not, perhaps it didn't notice
> you had enlightenment settings?

BAsically, what I did was replace my hard drive and controller with one of them
new Ultra160 setups. Then, after doing a NFS install of fisher onto the new
empty drive, I installed my old root drive on the scsi2 bus of the controller
and did a "cp -af /mnt/old-drive/home/glenn /home/ " .  It copied all of the
'.' sub directories.

> Or perhaps they didn't include that little tool for the new release.
> I'd also imagine enlightenment is still knocking around somewhere on
> the RH beta, if you want that. Perhaps powertools?
> Otherwise, I know sawfish is pretty configurable, although I found
> some of the option names a bit technical for me. Never did find out
> what a 'window group' was.. :)

People may cringe at all of the bells and whistles, but I just love to watch
all the casual windows and mac users drool when they see some of the toys I
have on my desktop. Of course, the best thing I show them is the uptime epplet
when it has over 100 days of uptime and I have over 30 desktop programs running
in several virtual windows.

Thank You everybody for your help!

Glenn Valenta   Engineering @
valenta home com Personal mail http://402721926:5829/
glenn coloradostudios com     Work mail

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