Why are we not one people?


I ahve been playing with Nautilus from Eazel over the last few days and
am wonderig why:

a) Their tool bar icons don't look like GNOMe icons!  Serious, this is a
major part of the next GNOME release, it looks like some thing seperate.

b) Why does NAutilus have it's own mine types!  And why cant I browse to
other directries for my Nautilus icons!

Yeah I am bitching, but if Eazel and Ximain insist in beibng different
how can we expext SUN abd IBM to work with us?  

People talk about the fear of Linux fracturing into many differnt forms
a la UNIX, well it looks like GNOME is going to get thir first!!!

Yeah, bitch over, sorry to bother you!!!!!

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