Re: committing gthumb-3-6 ui+help failed

Hi Hannie,

Le sam. 7 juil. 2018 à 10:01, Hannie Dumoleyn <lafeber-dumoleyn2 zonnet nl> a écrit :
This "other account" could be the account I have on git.gnome
( But since this account was imported in gitlab, I do
not understand why it worked on, but not on I can download gthumb with command git clone
git://, but not with git clone
git gitlab gnome org:GNOME/gthumb.git (Permission denied).

In the first case you're using the anonymous git:// protocol, so it didn't use your account at all. In the second you're using ssh, and your key isn't recognised.

On I can only sign in using the 
LDAP tab. When I go to Standard I cannot sign in (not with my git.gnome
or gitlab.gnome account user name and password).

If this is working, I suggest you push using https. Just use

git clone

And when pushing, you'll be asked for your username and password. It may be annoying that you have to enter your password every time you push, but if you aren't pushing often, it shouldn't be a problem.

Both commands 'ssh -v myname git gnome org
and 'ssh -v myname gitlab gnome org' give me terminal output Permission

When pushing with ssh, everybody pushes as the git user, you don't need your username.

One of the reasons may be that my user name is different on git,
gitlab and in my public key. Changing my user name in my gitlab User
Settings is a risky business, so I will not try as yet. Changing my user
name on my PC (git config --global "newname") might be an
option, but perhaps you can come up with a better solution?

The config should be set to your full name, it doesn't affect authentication at all.



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