Re: committing gthumb-3-6 ui+help failed

Em qui, 5 de jul de 2018 às 13:19, Hannie Dumoleyn
<lafeber-dumoleyn2 zonnet nl> escreveu:

Ha, here we get to the core. I signed in with ldap name/password on I opened my profile, so far so good ;) But on, or in User Settings, I cannot find an
option where I can add my public ssh key. does not give me the answer.
So, help needed again ;)

I notice I mentioned "Profile", but the correct is "User Settings". So
the correct instruction is to click in your picture to expand a menu,
select "Settings" (for User Settings) and finally "SSH keys" in the
left sidebar menu.

See the attached picture for how it is for my account -- you should
see the same, I assume.

Rafael Fontenelle

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