Re: Cultural Issue with the Foot Logo

2008-10-31 (금), 14:40 +0100, Axel Hecht:

> To give an example of where Firefox is hitting a brick wall in terms
> of spreading the word. In Korea, nobody is using https to do safe web.
> There's an architecture built upon active-x controls and IE instead,
> due to export regulations in the past. So basically, using firefox in
> Korea, you can't do online shopping or banking or nothing. And yet,
> we're not shipping active-x.

This is not exactly true. Only some money/tax/government related Korean
web sites are inaccessible with non-IE browsers. Their security software
details are regulated by the government so they are (practically) forced
to use active-x based softwares. (Even Google AdWords Korean page is
using an active-x control for credit card operation.)

So in Korea, Firefox is good enough except for these serious tasks.
Well, most people use web for fun. :)

Changwoo Ryu <cwryu debian org>

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