Re: Cultural Issue with the Foot Logo

On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 8:40 PM, Axel Hecht <l10n moz googlemail com> wrote:

> I expect your chances of getting the foot changed to be slim. I just
> looked over, and it's full of foots. The recognition
> and value of that logo are probably outweighing your problems by an
> order of magnitude.

And have I ever said I'm trying to change the foot? I think I've repeated
at least 3 times here that I'm proposing a "secondary" logo, not a
replacement. And this is the 4th repeat.

> I didn't see a single post syndicated to planet that would raise wider
> awareness of your thinking either.

If I had syndicated, I would. And the same question applies: how many
percentage of GNOME users feed Planet GNOME? How well does it
represent people around the world? Something not mentioned there
never happens in the world?

BTW, let me repeat that I'm not trying to overthrow the foot. So it doesn't
matter what you will use on the Planet. It can be the foot as you like.
No problem. What I propose is a non-intrusive solution.

> I kinda miss a real description of the impact, too. Like, how many
> users are you really talking about?

I'm not mainly talking about users. It's rather about potential users.
May I repeat that I personally have no problem with the foot, as long
as I don't try to spread GNOME.

> In our global world, there's always a counter example for good
> decisions, and in those regions, you have to work around it and try to
> get as good as it gets. That might be lower than in the rest of the
> world, it might make your evangelism efforts harder, but that's the
> way it is.

And I'm not trying to change the way it is. The foot is to be retained.
Only a new logo is added.

> In the end, I'd expect someone proposing a change like this to come up
> with a much more analytical dataset, a few alternative approaches
> (like a special theme like Petr suggested, for example), and a widely
> open discussion. Then I'd expect a lot of heat, and finally a decision
> made by a few brand csars.

And asking gnome-i18n list is part of gathering the data, although
it's only a supplementary information that is not directly essential,
when a non-intrusive solution is proposed. The population count is
just to find who would benefit from it, apart from the proposer.

I don't expect heat. I'm not good at flamewar. What I expect is a

Theppitak Karoonboonyanan

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