Re: msgctxt (was Re: String changes in Evolution)

Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net>, Tue, 05 Aug 2008 22:46:41 +0200:

> OK.
> Proposal:
> 1) Keep the 4 Evolution strings converted to msgctxt (it's unlikely that
> it becomes a huge problem even IF translators use PoEdit and don't get
> the context displayed, because the four affected Evo strings have not
> been changed in the last 6 months).
> 2) Migrate all other affected modules for 2.26 (and cross fingers that
> poedit gets better msgctxt support really soon(TM)).

I can't but support this well proposed compromise, Andre. :-)

Now, Claude says the migration concerns only Evolution. That's very
true, but I've to add for the time being. Because who can guarantee that
tomorrow won't come with any other affected module's developer migrating
his/her piece to msgctxt? I think some official message towards the
developers regarding the start of the msgctxt migration is very much needed.
Not the still-only-a-proposal statement as it is now.

Petr Kovar

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