Re: msgctxt (was Re: String changes in Evolution)

On 8/5/08, Petr Kovar <pmkovar gnome org> wrote:
> "Christian Rose" <menthos gnome org>, Tue, 5 Aug 2008 18:23:56 +0200:
>  > On 8/5/08, Petr Kovar <pmkovar gnome org> wrote:
>  > And I just wish that all the people complaining about poedit lacking
>  > msgctxt support would direct that energy into improving said support,
> I wish that too. If only they could help - you know, not everybody's a coder
>  here...

Neither am I.

>  > instead of demanding that the rest of the translation world continue
> Not quite the "rest of the translation world", but only few GNOME modules,
>  as listed on the page.

Well, a guess would be that the number of messages actually needing
context in some way is bigger than what the current list shows. They
just haven't been reported as bugs yet...

>  > to wait when a much needed and readily available feature, that would
>  > eliminate many common and serious bugs, exists.
>  > There's nothing that says that if we continue to wait, Poedit will
>  > automatically get the needed support. Really!
> But there's a big chance. Poedit's developer is actively working on the
>  project.

Excellent. No need to have this unnecessary discussion then.


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