Re: msgctxt (was Re: String changes in Evolution)

Hello all

Well my view on this is that, as a principle I don't like to let the tools I own determine what I can build, that argumentation is backwards in my opinion. HOWEVER sometimes principles have to give way for pragmatism, maybe it would be better to revert this for now and make it a firm goal for gnome 2.26. I don't think we can afford to risk alienating poedit users given that I know how hard it can be to find volunteers. As you have both pointed out, it is of course not guarantied that poedit devs will make this feature, but in this way we can give them a deadline and then in the 2.26 cycle we can simply say that it is going to happen no matter which translation editors support it. It does however not solve the problem of all the errors but maybe it would be a reasonable compromise.

Regards Kenneth Nielsen

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