Re: Help me get SVN access for translations

I agree strongly with what Vladimir said and I can add that the Og also
was responsible for the integration of the teams of translation of the
Ubuntu and the Gnome.

I believe faithful that the team needs other commiter. I know that it is
not necessary to be to commiter to help the others, however exists work
very to make, and that in the last months it was made almost that
exclusively by the Leonardo, overloading it.

Washington Lins

Em Dom, 2007-10-21 às 17:31 -0200, Vladimir Melo escreveu: 
> Hi everyone,
> I was introduced to GNOME translations by Og Maciel and there are some
> words to be said about this thread. Well, if you read messages from
> brazilian mailing list, you'd know that committers worked hard to get
> the translations complete. 
> Of course, it's gonna be much more difficult to keep the rhythm now that
> we lost Raphael Higino this month. All brazilian translators know
> committers already expressed that one more translator would be necessary
> and welcome even before Raphael's death.
> I don't know Guilherme because he didn't say anything through the
> brazilian mailing list, at least for the 6 months I've been
> participating in the team. The coordenation role of translations and
> translators was done by Leonardo Fontenelle, who is a very competent
> committer. Leonardo is always available to explain translations
> questions (via email, IRC or mailing list) and was very interested in
> helping me when I became a translator.
> Although you are certainly right about svn account not being a reward
> for good work, I think that if we *need* a new committer to help us, the
> good work has to be considered. We're not talking about a personal
> matter.
> >From this point, I'd like to know: what's enough to give svn account? Is
> there any criterion to give it? I guess Og Maciel is ready to do this
> job and, as the whole GNOME procedures are, this discussion should be
> clear (and clean).
> Regards,
> -- 
> Vladimir Melo
> vladimirmelo psi gmail com
> Em Dom, 2007-10-21 às 13:35 -0400, Og Maciel escreveu:
> > On 10/21/07, Claude Paroz <claude 2xlibre net> wrote:
> > > Now if the team leader thinks he doesn't need further help to accomplish
> > > his duty, we should respect this. SVN access should not be considered as
> > > a reward for good work. It's given when there is a real need to fulfil.
> > > And we cannot judge about this, only the current coordinator is able to
> > > estimate this.
> > > Guilherme knows that you're ready to take more responsibilities as soon
> > > as it's needed.
> > 
> > Hi Claude,
> > 
> > Thank you for stepping in. I completely understand every little bit of
> > what you said. And though I don't complete agree about svn account not
> > being a reward for good work, I can obviously respect the decision.
> > The issue was that I did not receive any feedback during this whole
> > process. And since both Guilherme and Lucas Rocha told me before we
> > released 2.18 that I would be considered for the account, I was
> > expecting something.. at least a note.
> > 
> > For the last 12 months the major bulk (approx. 95%) of commits has
> > been handled by one person: Leonardo Fontenelle. The other 5% was
> > handled by Raphael Higino, who unfortunately passed away just
> > recently. :/  During the last weeks before 2.20 we had the help of
> > Jonh Wendell who helped tremendously with the last push.
> > 
> > My request for an account is based on the fact that, with only
> > Leonardo doing this job and his recent comment that he has plans to
> > take on more personal matters and therefore not have the same amount
> > of time available for the triaging/commit process, we will be
> > extremely shorthanded!
> > 
> > But anyhow, though I would be extremely disappointed if my request is
> > denied for the second time, I basically expected a whole lot more
> > consideration and at least a note explaining the reasoning behind it.
> > 
> > So I kindly ask that the other Brazilian translators, including
> > Leonardo, comment of the issue and if they think we have enought
> > knowleageable people to do the work? Since we've been working together
> > for the last 12 months and have first hand insight into the current
> > situation, I think their feedback is valuable to attest if the
> > decision has any merit or not.  Is that ok Claude?
> > 
> > > I hope you'll understand this, and I'm sure your contributions will
> > > always be much appreciated in the FOSS community. Keep the good work!
> > 
> > Thank you for the kind words... right now all I can say is that I have
> > always done my work placing the end user above anything or anyone.
> > However, not having my request for a svn account doesn't quite show me
> > any appreciation from the administration of the team... Hopefully the
> > final word hasn't been said yet about this issue. Which gives me more
> > time to ponder my future as a translator for the GNOME project.
> > 
> > Cheers,
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