Re: gtk+ based translation tool

Op Vrydag 27-07-2007 om 01:02 uur [tijdzone +0400], schreef Sayamindu
> Hi everyone!


> The tool I have been working on (just basic editing features are
> implemented actually...) is written in Python.
> I'll try to cook up something usable/hackable by the end of the
> weekend (currently I'm waiting for my flight back home at Dubai
> airport), and upload it to some svn repository.
> It's basically a tool with the following features in the immediate TODO list
> 1. Panel based layout for easy navigation between messages
> 2. Support for plural forms (ermm.. UI ideas would be appreciated)
> 3. Support for multiple formats using plugin type of system (currently
> PO and MO files are supported) - I'm using POlib () to parse the
> files.
> 4. Support for autotranslations using various "sources" - websites,
> local databases, etc.
> 5. Storage of all messages that are translated for a particular
> project in a Sqlite database (this is especially handy for languages
> that do not have well defined glossaries/translation standards to
> maintain consistency across PO files). Probably this would require an
> import language data feature to take care of previous translations -
> any ideas on how to do this in the sanest possible way would be great.
> 6. Integrated character picker (does someone know any easy to reuse
> widget for this ??)
> Ideas/comments/suggestions are welcome.
> Cheers,
> Sayamindu

Hi Sayamindu.

I see you are working in Python. Are you familiar with the translate
toolkit? It is written in Python and provides access to many file
formats (PO, XLIFF, TMX, TBX, CSV, MO, .properties, .dtd, .gsi, etc.)
and has several features already implemented (fuzzy matching,
translation memory, terminology matching, many quality checks, etc.)
Apart from the many tools in the toolkit, it is also used as the
foundation for Pootle and Pootling. Another project using the toolkit
would be wonderful.

I enjoy people's discussions on the list, but I fear that people will
unnecessarily reimplement things. Perhaps you want to take a look at it?

Keep well

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