Re: gtk+ based translation tool

I believe text editor plugins are most popular between experienced
translators. Showing the raw message catalog could be a barrier to
newbies, but I'm not sure. What I really miss in text editor plugins
are automatic fuzzy translation and terminology-based suggestions.
Maybe gedit's plugin could use omegaT
[] or translate-toolkit

Leonardo Fontenelle

2007/7/24, gil forcada <gilforcada guifi net>:
as is saying Baris this is another topic, maybe we can start another
one :)

I prefer what Fernando [1] show me at GUADEC, a plugin for Gedit which
consists in a side pane with the string being translated and the english
counterpart but with the file in the main area as always, so you can
have files opened to consult (comprendiums, dictionaries, etc  etc)

El dc 25 de 07 del 2007 a les 01:50 +1245, en/na Baris Cicek va
> On Wed, 2007-07-25 at 00:38 +0200, Jorge González González wrote:
> > I guess is my turn to contribute to this thread.
> >
> > During the GUADEC-ES in Granada we (some members of the Spanish GTP) met
> > one responsible of Extremadura's regional government (Linex department
> > [1]) who is in contact with the people from Guadalinex [2] and also with
> > Mark Shuttleworth (they're clients of Canonical).
> >
> > Some years ago, the Spanish GTP asked for a translation tool, and since
> > some regions of Spain were (and are) using our software and translations
> > in their machines (a lot, 1 per 2 students in every single school) it
> > would be nice and cool if they could provide it. Those conversations
> > ended up in nothing.
> >
> > In Granada we talked about a serious proposal of it. The idea is to
> > crete a new tool, to update GTranslator properly (there is a guy, from
> > Galicia, doing his final proyect improving GTranslator) or a plugin for
> > Gedit. The requirements we sent to the regional governments and what is
> > going to arrive to Mark is something like this:
> > * Kbabel style panes
> We definitely need better application written using GTK+. GTranslator is
> like a joke compared to KBabel. I personally use KBabel as a translation
> tool of myself. It's okay, but KBabel is the only reason for me to
> install whole qt libraries and lots of other KDE applications (almost
> all platform in Fedora).
> But that's nothing to do with damned-lies I guess. Web based
> applications for translations won't cut, and it would make damned-lies
> really over bloated.
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