Re: integrating vertimus in damned-lies

Le mardi 24 juillet 2007, à 19:37 +0200, Szilveszter Farkas (Phanatic) a écrit :
> Hi,
> > all 4 agree that this could be really useful to be integrated in
> > damend-lies but it's not that easy as copy a bunch of files
> /me agrees too :)
> > I haven't coded anything in python, but I will try to start it
> > (obviously everyone here is more than welcome) in my test-server, the
> > first thing to do install damned-lies and vertimus in it and then start
> > understanding their way to work
> I'd be really interested in working on a vertimus integration into
> damned-lies. I have some experience with Python, but mainly related to
> PyGTK (my current SoC project is also written in Python using the GTK
> bindings) - I don't think it's that hard to learn some web-specific stuff.

Dude, don't you have a GSoC project to work on before thinking about
doing anything else? ;-) (just kidding, of course)

> > the intention of this mail is just to start a discussion about what
> > people would like to have in this damned-lies+vertimus, I mean, having
> > the accounts integrated with GNOME LDAP or separated, having some kind
> > of rss with the history or whatever you like
> > 
> > so let's start discussing :)
> +1 on RSS. TBH I don't really know how GNOME LDAP works, but if we can
> separate the coordinator(s) (people having GNOME SVN accounts) and
> contributors (people without having commit access), I +1 that too.

About the integration with the GNOME LDAP: you probably want to discuss
with the sysadmins or Baris. It's certainly doable.

> Another thing: maybe we could provide a way for contributors to upload
> PO files for review by the coordinator(s) (I don't know if it already
> exists in Vertimus, I couldn't have a look at it yet.)

Of course, vertimus does this :-) The only thing that is missing before
it's perfect is some integration with podiff. It would rock my world.
Okay, I admit there might be some other small things that'd be nice, but
podiff integration would be fantastic.


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