integrating vertimus in damned-lies


during the GUADEC Danilo make a call to help in GTP[1] and after this
(he will put the minutes somewhere I think) with him, Vincent, S�ia
and me we discuss about Vertimus[2] (in action[3]), a kind of
damned-lies but with users and keeping track of who is working in which
module and that sort of things

all 4 agree that this could be really useful to be integrated in
damend-lies but it's not that easy as copy a bunch of files

vertimus is written in php+mysql+cron (to get the po files from GNOME
SVN) and damned-lies is written in python

OTOH we can take advantage of damned-lies since the cron will not be
necessary, but in a ideal world the accounts would to be integrated in
GNOME LDAP, so it's not only rewrite from php to python (plus changes
here and there) but we have to talk to the sysadmins guys

I haven't coded anything in python, but I will try to start it
(obviously everyone here is more than welcome) in my test-server, the
first thing to do install damned-lies and vertimus in it and then start
understanding their way to work

the intention of this mail is just to start a discussion about what
people would like to have in this damned-lies+vertimus, I mean, having
the accounts integrated with GNOME LDAP or separated, having some kind
of rss with the history or whatever you like

so let's start discussing :)

gil forcada

[ca] - una xarxa lliure que no para de cr�er
[en] - a non-stopping free network

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