Re: integrating vertimus in damned-lies

> > 
> > +1 on RSS. TBH I don't really know how GNOME LDAP works, but if we can
> > separate the coordinator(s) (people having GNOME SVN accounts) and
> > contributors (people without having commit access), I +1 that too.
> About the integration with the GNOME LDAP: you probably want to discuss
> with the sysadmins or Baris. It's certainly doable.
It's doable in one extend. But that also means any anonymous one can
have an LDAP account as a translator. This might have some security
issues, of which sysadmins should think.

For damned-lies I was thinking a basic structure like, anyone can
register himself or herself and choose his/her name from a pull down
which should be near the module name. And team coordinator can basically
approve it upon team configuration. (Some teams might not need that)
This data is not very trivial actually, and a basic xml output of the
translators can be exported for usage in some other places (like in
GNOME About dialog with a new translators list part, or as a seperate
section in Release Notes). 

On register page of damned lies, team coordinators can also put a
welcome message (ie. "Thanks for translating GNOME into our language,
please subscribe to foo mailing list which we discuss translation issues
etc.") in their own language. 

As a rule of thumb, just to keep it as simple as possible. Making a bot
system is like Rosetta in launchpad. It sounds alright for a
distribution because at the end it's just one entity which is in charge
of "everything". But I think GNOME should be more individual contributor
oriented. Therefore this kind of centralized systems might scare
individual people to contribute. 

Just my two pennies, oops cents.
> > Another thing: maybe we could provide a way for contributors to upload
> > PO files for review by the coordinator(s) (I don't know if it already
> > exists in Vertimus, I couldn't have a look at it yet.)
> Of course, vertimus does this :-) The only thing that is missing before
> it's perfect is some integration with podiff. It would rock my world.
> Okay, I admit there might be some other small things that'd be nice, but
> podiff integration would be fantastic.
> Vincent

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