Re: Gnome Internationalization: A proposal

On 20 Mar 2002 14:33:09 -0600
Edward Mbugua Kamau <> wrote:

> I have been looking at the La Espiral site -
>  It seems that the DDTS system there is
> very suitable, with only minor adjustments. The main issue then would be
> how to populate the DDTS  database with the .po strings as Carlos Marin
> suggests below. I'm copying this to the contact address given for
> comments etc on the La Espiral site. I need to investigate whether these
> DDTS scripts can be used elsewhere (perhaps sourceforge) and how to
> extract the .po strings into the database.
How do u want me to create the database?
I was thinking in creating a main table with a row for each package each package with an unique ID, and 1 aditional table with all the translated strings from all the languages for package. Each row would have the package unique ID and another unique ID inside that language so we can know which translation corresponds to which original string.
What do u think?

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