Re: Gnome Internationalization: A proposal

> I have been thinking of a setup where the strings to be translated are
> displayed in a form on a web page along with all other translations that
> have been made by others (if any) along with instructions and examples.
> The translator then makes their translation and this posts to the
> database. The language team can then pick the best translation as the
> official one. Perhaps there could even be a database of how certain
> terms have been acceptably translated before - a sort of lexicon.

But you're only thinking in storing full strings right, not single words?
> If some one with programming skills were interested in this perhaps they
> could point the way to how to do it.

I can try to make to a C(++) program to fill a MySQL database in if you then take care of the web page (i don't know anything about internet coding).

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