Re: contribution to GTG project and GOPW

Now that I think of it, do you believe that we should include a general
chapter about backup process? I didn't think of it before, does GTG have a
backup option? How is the user supposed to approach it?

No, we don't have an explcit backup option (hmm, interesting. Plugin,
anyone?). The data is stored in .local/share/gtg or
$XDG_DATA_HOME/share/gtg if it is set.

The user data is replicated in this folder so that if GTG crashes,
there are backuped copies available. To backup/archive GTG data, the
use should backup this folder, and .config/gtg or $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gtg

Actually, we have our backup solution :-) Every day when you launch GTG, it makes a backup copy of your tasks.xml file. If your tasks are stored in ~/.local/share/gtg/gtg_tasks.xml, GTG backups those tasks today as ~/.local/share/gtg/gtg_tasks.xml.2012-03-29

It could be more explicitly put in ~/.local/share/gtg/backups/ or something like that. However, it is still on the same disk and if you /home goes down, you loose all your tasks.


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