Re: website

On Thu, 2004-04-22 at 11:41 +0200, Murray Cumming wrote:
> Nein, Ali, du kennst nicht. Du bist Paranoid und du glaubst an Sache
> das nicht bestehen. Ich schaetze du kennst das selbst.

I don't think you will get anywhere if you call members of this
community to be paranoid. I have been accused for many things over the
years but paranoid is quite new (.. oh wait, it's not). Your psychology
here is to bring up your own stuff YOU WANT (to force up us) and as soon
as someone else shows up with counter arguments then you either call
them TROLL or PARANOID. This is definately not the correct way to treat
other members of this community and only shows a bad picture in the

And if you paid carefully attention then you'd figured out already that
I don't have any problems to remove CVSGNOME from (which I
can't even decide since I don't maintain but I only show you
your own argumentation and if we follow your argumentation 'That neither
GARNOME and CVSGNOME should be mentioned and used to build GNOME because
of the rest of your argumentation' ... which I do understand and can
agree with ... then it's absolutely valid to remove all occourances of
GARNOME from as well. Same right for you and me.

It is you who brought this up and not me.

> Das ist nicht etwas gegen dir and es gibt keine logische moeglichkeit
> um das etwas gegen dir zu machen. Ich rede nicht mehr mit dir ueber
> diese kleine Thema weil ich bin nicht Psychiatrist und meine Mitlied
> is endlich abgenutzt.

Would you elaborate what you want to say ? Just because you don't like
my arguments you think I should consult a psychatrist ?

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