Re: gda-report and gnue

> I have read your proposal, and i think that it needs other point that it
> doesn't show (or IMO it will solve in a non efficient way).
> What about all the applications that will be as the Windows ones?
> (Visual Basic + Crystal Reports). They are simple executables and don't
> need run a "report server", The part that i'm implementing at this
> moment is oriented to this kind of applications.
> I think that we could make two different kinds of report.
> A report integrated into an application (you have a report file which is
> processed by the application, well, by the application isn't correct, by
> the gda-report).
> And other applications which use a report server like the one you
> propose.
> I think that the first option will be ideal to small applications and
> the last one will be perfect to the medium-big applications (corporative
> applications).
well, I've also been looking at Derek's proposal, and it's really GREAT.
And having a report server, as I've understood, is just a CORBA server
which will be activated when needed. For small applications, you just
have all the components on the same machine, and the user won't notice
any difference.

And having two kinds of reports (2 implementations) is IMO just a waste
of time.

I think we should adopt Derek's ideas. The only thing I don't agree is
to have this out of GDA. I think it should go to GDA, for not having to
add another dependency out of it.

> This is my general ideas.
> Please feel free to flame this :-)
> P.S.: I think that your model will be perfect. It could include an
> Apache plugin for show reports at internet  :-) (like modperl or modphp,
> perhaps modgdareport?)
that's a very good idea!

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