Antw: A question about the gda-xml-query

>>> Carlos Perello Marin <> 04.09.2000  03.10 Uhr >>>

>Hello Vivien. I have a question for you:
>	Why you don't use the gda-xml-query's ID to identify a query
>	when you load it from a file?. I mean, Why you don't permit that
>	two, three, four, ... queries be located at the same xml file?
>	I'm preparing the report engine to store a report and in the
>	same file an ilimited number of queries which will be used
>	inside the report, then i need differenciate the queries when i
>	load them from the file (as do libglade with the different
>	windows we put on a XML file with Glade).  

IMO, we could introduce a new toplevel node querylist:

<!ELEMENT querylist (query+)>

and identify each query by it's attribute 'id'.


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