Re: gda-report and gnue

> > > What about all the applications that will be as the Windows ones?
> > > (Visual Basic + Crystal Reports). They are simple executables and don't
> > > need run a "report server", The part that i'm implementing at this
> > > moment is oriented to this kind of applications.
> > 
> > The same could be said about libgda correct.  I mean we are talking N-Tier
> > architectures but nothing prevents all tiers from living on the same
> > server.  I also was basising this that your report was to be dependent on
> > libgda.
> But, why i must start a report server in my machine?
> (I see it as other server like Apache or Sendmail, like an stand alone
> server, not as libgda.)
> Perhaps, i'm wrong, please correct me.
this won't be a server as Apache, Sendmail, etc. It will be a CORBA
server which is activated ONLY when needed, as the GDA providers work
right now. And using ORBit as the ORB this means nothing in terms of


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