Re: gda-report and gnue

> > well, I've been using (against my will) a product called Prolifics
> > (, which tries to do the same thing, although not
> > using
> > CORBA, but a proprietary protocol. It is oriented to N-tier
> > applications,
> > having a server performing all the report stuff, which is then sent to
> > the
> > client. The only problem with this tool is that it does not work, but
> > the idea, same as yours, is very good.
> As far as I know my proposal doesnt work yet either. :)  But they seem
> to be making a lot more money on their non working product. ;-)
yes, it's quite expensive. Well, the product is not only the report
part. The other part, GUI builder and data access does work not badly,
but the report part, specially the report designer, is a pain in the
ass. Please don't use it!


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