Re: gda-report and gnue

> > What about all the applications that will be as the Windows ones?
> > (Visual Basic + Crystal Reports). They are simple executables and don't
> > need run a "report server", The part that i'm implementing at this
> > moment is oriented to this kind of applications.
> The same could be said about libgda correct.  I mean we are talking N-Tier
> architectures but nothing prevents all tiers from living on the same
> server.  I also was basising this that your report was to be dependent on
> libgda.

But, why i must start a report server in my machine?

(I see it as other server like Apache or Sendmail, like an stand alone
server, not as libgda.)

Perhaps, i'm wrong, please correct me.

> > I think that we could make two different kinds of report.
> I think there are ways to wrapper things so this would not be necessary.
> For example for our forms engine in GNUe our middleware has one set of
> functionality that can accessed a few way. (i.e. CORBA, direct C)

Well, this would be a good point. It's ok for me.

> > A report integrated into an application (you have a report file which is
> > processed by the application, well, by the application isn't correct, by
> > the gda-report).
> GDA-Report is what I am calling the report server. :)  So it sounds like
> you mean the same thing. :)  My diagram shows it as an "Enterprise"
> architecture, but as I said nothing prevents everything even the database
> from being local.

Yes, i think i haven't understand well it before. Sorry, as i have said
before, i though that it will be a separate process, a "server".
And as you tell me now, it ins't (or almost it could be integrated
inside the application, then the application is at the same time the
server and the client.
> > I think that the first option will be ideal to small applications and
> > the last one will be perfect to the medium-big applications (corporative
> > applications).
> I am not sure they have to be separate, but I could be missing something.
> :)  

I think that it does not need  a separation (at the moment, perhaps when
we implement it, we see that it's necessary)

> > P.S.: I think that your model will be perfect. It could include an
> > Apache plugin for show reports at internet  :-) (like modperl or modphp,
> > perhaps modgdareport?)
> I am not sure of teh model myself. :)  It could be seriously flawed, I
> just know the reporting tools we have used dont work well, and we are
> willing to try something new. :)

Well, excuse me another time, I hope i don't forget nothing like this
the next time :-)

> Regards,
> Derek Neighbors
> GNU Enterprise
> derek gnue org


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