Re: gda-report and gnue

> well, I've also been looking at Derek's proposal, and it's really GREAT.
> And having a report server, as I've understood, is just a CORBA server
> which will be activated when needed. For small applications, you just
> have all the components on the same machine, and the user won't notice
> any difference.
> And having two kinds of reports (2 implementations) is IMO just a waste
> of time.
> I think we should adopt Derek's ideas. The only thing I don't agree is
> to have this out of GDA. I think it should go to GDA, for not having to
> add another dependency out of it.

I agree with you.

> > This is my general ideas.
> > 
> > Please feel free to flame this :-)
> > 
> > P.S.: I think that your model will be perfect. It could include an
> > Apache plugin for show reports at internet  :-) (like modperl or modphp,
> > perhaps modgdareport?)
> > 
> that's a very good idea!

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