Re: gda-report and gnue

> well, I've also been looking at Derek's proposal, and it's really GREAT.
> And having a report server, as I've understood, is just a CORBA server
> which will be activated when needed. For small applications, you just
> have all the components on the same machine, and the user won't notice
> any difference.

That is correct.  I havent fully looked into libgda, but figured that is
how it worked as well.  If necessary we could make it so you could
encapsulate this w/o CORBA into a small application, but I am not sure I
see the inherent value.

Ex: We before have written .dlls that hold the functionality of what
needs to be done.  This way they can be included directly into an
application, then a small wrapper was placed around it so it could stand
on its own as well.  As I said this seems like more work than it its
worth.  :)

> And having two kinds of reports (2 implementations) is IMO just a waste
> of time.

That was my thought. 
> I think we should adopt Derek's ideas. The only thing I don't agree is
> to have this out of GDA. I think it should go to GDA, for not having to
> add another dependency out of it.

This is my reason for not wanting in GDA.  Bloat.  There will be LOTS of
projects that perhaps want GDA but not reporting why make them have
both?  By separating it you get that.

Also and possibly more importantly for GNUe is that while we plan to
only use libgda at the current time, I think the tool should be able to
in future allow it to be used with other data access methods if an
author wants.

By this I mean WE (GNUe) plans to use libgda, after all it would be dumb
not too. :)  However a smaller project may want to just connect directly
to postGRES w/o overhead abstration of libgda.  I think we would have
more users and a better product if we allowed for this as well.

So I am not proposing we code to anything other than libgda, just like
no front ends are available for libgda other than Gnome, but I think its
a good idea to make so there could be. :)

> > P.S.: I think that your model will be perfect. It could include an
> > Apache plugin for show reports at internet  :-) (like modperl or modphp,
> > perhaps modgdareport?)
> >
> that's a very good idea!

This is interesting indeed.  You realize you guys are gonna force me
into really learning C well if you keep it up. ;-)

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise
derek gnue org

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