Re: [gnome-cyr] Re: gtksourceview/po/ru.po: ЭйчТМЛ? WTF?

Јуче у 9:48, Mikhail Zabaluev написа:

> This is meant for users who want to do their work rather than be
> a testing material for someone's radical ideas.
> Thanks to good work done to the Russian translation in all other
> respects, that should not be even too much to fix there.

I'm stunned to see such a disrespect for those who have done the job
so far.  Yeah, you'd just go ahead and "fix" issues, even though
they're not provably wrong.  So much of your "volunteering".

It sounds like myself volunteering to "fix" things in KDE translation
to Serbian.  Heck, I don't agree with some choices they made, so I'll
just build upon their work, and make everybody else uses "my" version.

>> I used to say previously: everyone who uses "majority" as an argument
>> lacks the logic.  Majority is not ran by logic.  If it were, world
>> would be a much nicer place ;)
> Yeah, the majority is stupid and generally must convert to our beliefs
> or be off (in reality, it's usually the other way around). Not.
> If GNOME did not adjust to the common user, it'd still be an
> incomprehensible mess it was at 1.x.

I can't convince you if you don't read what I write.  "Common user"
doesn't care.  He'll take it as you give it to him.  So, it *IS* the
job of those doing the work to do it in the best way *they* feel it
should be done (they can't know better than that).

So, I repeat: majority is not stupid (that's the assertion *you*
made), it's *undecided*.  Go back and re-read my mail.  I ran a vote
on this issue on website.  Can you guess how much votes did
we get during a time of around 1 year?  Less than 40, and our website
has 10k hits each month (with around 300-1000 different users).  And
only around half of those actually considered leaving all names
untranslated a good choice.  And every Serb does know Latin script,
because we learn it in second grade of primary school (so, we're
probably in a better position than Russians, who probably learn it
with a foreign language).

>> Задача на засыпку: как по Вашей методе перевести MySQL,
>> > чтобы у людей не повылезали глаза на лоб? :)
>> МойЕсКуЕл ??? simple, isn't it?
> Not quite so. Why not "МайСиквел"? And, in either case, is the localized

Because in Serbian "My" is translated as "Мой" (actually, "мој", but
you Russians use й instead).  Adjust it appropriately for Russian.
"Сиквел" has the problem of ambiguity, and not everybody reads it that
way (even MySQL states in particular that it's not to be read that way
in MySQL name).


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