Re: [gnome-cyr] Re: gtksourceview/po/ru.po: ЭйчТМЛ? WTF?

Hello Данило,

On Wed, Apr 21, 2004 at 04:12:38AM +0200, Данило Шеган wrote:
> Just one point: I don't think it's wrong for anyone doing the work to
> go on a "просветительскую миссию" (teaching/preaching mission).
> That's the core idea of Free Software.  We don't promote Free Software
> by just talking about it, we do it by making it, leveraging its
> benefits (like in translations) etc.

Fine. Then do it where it's due: user manuals, tutorials, etc.

> You can't find people who're going to do volunteer work around the
> premise they don't support.

I think I found an area of volunteer work that I would do: take
vanilla GNOME translations and cut down the most egregious
"translations of the untranslatable", making patches for a
This is meant for users who want to do their work rather than be
a testing material for someone's radical ideas.
Thanks to good work done to the Russian translation in all other
respects, that should not be even too much to fix there.

> I used to say previously: everyone who uses "majority" as an argument
> lacks the logic.  Majority is not ran by logic.  If it were, world
> would be a much nicer place ;)

Yeah, the majority is stupid and generally must convert to our beliefs
or be off (in reality, it's usually the other way around). Not.
If GNOME did not adjust to the common user, it'd still be an
incomprehensible mess it was at 1.x.

> > P.S. Задача на засыпку: как по Вашей методе перевести MySQL,
> > чтобы у людей не повылезали глаза на лоб? :)
> МойЕсКуЕл ??? simple, isn't it?

Not quite so. Why not "МайСиквел"? And, in either case, is the localized
variant better memorised and more visually recognizable than even the
Latin original? Remember, people think in visual "snapshots" along
with verbal renderings.

> Once you agree to the basic principles,
> of course.

- They told me [...] that your methods were unsound.
- Are my methods unsound?
- I don't see any method at all, sir.
        Apocalypse Now

Stay tuned,
  MhZ                                     JID: mhz altlinux org
All that glitters has a high refractive index.

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