Re: [gnome-cyr] Re: gtksourceview/po/ru.po: ЭйчТМЛ? WTF?

Јуче у 23:54, Mikhail Zabaluev написа:

> Я ничего не пытаюсь устроить. Я всего лишь не понимаю, почему меню,
> предназначенное для программистов, должно выглядеть как букварь:
> "дети, HTML произносится ЭйчТиЭмЭль". Если Вы хотите взять на себя
> благородную просветительскую миссию, сделайте русский перевод
> онлайновой документации со всеми транскрипциями и чем угодно.
> Зачем заниматься этим в меню, которым люди пользуются ежедневно?

Just one point: I don't think it's wrong for anyone doing the work to
go on a "просветительскую миссию" (teaching/preaching mission).
That's the core idea of Free Software.  We don't promote Free Software
by just talking about it, we do it by making it, leveraging its
benefits (like in translations) etc.

Majority still uses Microsoft Windows.  Should we back up and dump
Gnome because of that?  Well, I don't think we should.

The same is with the language.  Majority still uses the words "we"
(at least some of us) don't support.  If we do the work, we do it
according to our moral ideals, and try to reflect them in our work.
That's completely natural and good thing to do.

You can't find people who're going to do volunteer work around the
premise they don't support.

I used to say previously: everyone who uses "majority" as an argument
lacks the logic.  Majority is not ran by logic.  If it were, world
would be a much nicer place ;)

> P.S. Задача на засыпку: как по Вашей методе перевести MySQL,
> чтобы у людей не повылезали глаза на лоб? :)

МойЕсКуЕл — simple, isn't it?  Once you agree to the basic principles,
of course.


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